Water and Sanitation Programme

L-R, Ms. Charity Muhabwa (VHT) ,Ms. Grace Businge (water user) & Mr. Geofrey Mucunguzi (care taker) at the Shallow well in Kaiguta.

Improving accessibility to clean and safer water as well as appropriate and decent sanitation facilities for rural communities and public institutions such as schools and health centres is another core area of Emesco Development Foundation. The programme todate has been able to serve over 250 rural communities with improved water sources and over 60 schools have been supported with improved water and sanitary facilities. The specific activities under the Water and Sanitation Programme are the following:

  • Construction of Shallow Wells and Protected Springs in rural communities.
  • Construction of Ferro-cement Water Tanks and Water Jars for institutions and disadvantaged households respectively.
  • Construction of Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) Latrines and installation of Hand-washing Facilities at Schools and Health Centres
  • Formation and Training of Water Source Committees
  • Training Pump Mechanics and Water Source Caretakers in Basic Water Source Maintenance Techniques.
  • Assisting communities in Water Quality Testing. Just like with the other activities of Emesco Development Foundation, the Watsan activities are always implemented in a complementary manner so as to help consolidate the process of socio-economic empowerment of the rural poor communities