Agriculture Development Programme


This is one of the key programmes of Emesco Development Foundation with an aim of improving food security and incomes of the rural poor people. Emesco Development Foundation highly cherishes environmentally friendly farming systems that are highly productive, sustainable and low-cost. Over 9,000 households have over the years been supported under this programme with very promising results. There are a number of projects being implemented in different parts of Kibaale District under the Agriculture Development Programme with support of different donors. The following are some of the key programmes currently under implementation:

  • The Women Sustainable Agriculture Programme (WSAP) funded by The McKnight Foundation in U.S.A. This is a three year programme with funding support of US $ 105,000.
  • The Integrated Agriculture Development Programme (IADP) for Mugarama Sub-County supported by Gorta in Ireland. This is a two year programme targeting 3,000 farmers with funding support of Euros 131,000.
  • The Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Conservation Programme (SAECP) for Matale Sub-county supported by The Tudortrust in U.K.
  • The Ruteete Apiary Programme supported by Bees Abroad with funding from the States of Guernsey. The above programmes mainly concentrate on imparting knowledge and skills, creating access to markets and accessing farmers to production enhancing technologies while the apiary programme has gone ahead to add value through honey processing and packaging.